Reviews of the book

Wall Street Journal
A brisk and engaging case, ‘Clean Meat’ advocates without overselling.

Psychology Today
Paul Shapiro’s new book ‘Clean Meat’ is a definitive and global game-changer.

An incredibly promising and hopeful message.

Fast Company
Our ‘Clean Meat’ Future Will Be Radical–But Also Inevitable.

Sydney Morning Herald and The Age (Australia)
Brave new burger – the race to put lab-grown meat on the table

Kirkus review
An intriguing argument.

EcoLit Books Says
Clean Meat should be read by anyone who cares about the planet.

Nonprofit Chronicles
Meat: You Say You Want a Revolution.

Globe and Mail (Canada)
Clean meat’ could be a major revolution for the agriculture sector.

Virginia Pilot
Completely changes the game for animals.

Modern Farmer
A fascinating and thought-provoking book.

Big Think
Shapiro’s book is a wake-up call.

Adam Smith Institute
A must-read book” that’s “an optimistic page turner.

Pacific Standard
A carefully researched and lively written volume.

Compassion in World Farming Calls 
Clean Meat a “must-read” and “a highly readable and intensely personal account.

Written commentaries by Paul Shapiro about the book

Scientific American
Lab-Grown Meat is on the Way. - Paul Shapiro

Missouri and France Unite—to Suppress Plant-Based Meat.
- Paul Shapiro

Washington Post
Plant-based ‘dairy’ products aren’t new. Neither is the U.S. dairy industry’s hostility. - Paul Shapiro

Food Safety News
Of diamonds and meat: Culturing a better future. - Paul Shapiro

Food Safety News
The Meat of the Matter. - Paul Shapiro

Food Dive
One order of eggs, hold the hens: How acellular agriculture will reshape food. - Paul Shapiro

The Guardian
Features excerpt from Clean Meat

Globe and Mail
Why holiday meals might look radically different in the near future.
- Paul Shapiro

Science fiction no more, can lab-grown meat feed — and save — the world? - Paul Shapiro

Washington Post
Meat the New Meat. - Paul Shapiro

Making mastodon gummies, Geltor is recreating a truly paleo diet
- Paul Shapiro

The Hill
Meat lobby wants USDA to ban ‘clean meat’ makers from calling their products meat. - Paul Shapiro

Meet the startup that makes milk—without cows. - Paul Shapiro

Food Navigator
Food Fight Over the M-Word. - Paul Shapiro

Features excerpt from Clean Meat

The Forward
Lab-Grown Fish — Coming Soon To Your Local Supermarket?
- Paul Shapiro

Interviews about the book

Food sustainability expert: Lab-grown meat is the way of the future.

7 Predictions On The Future Of Clean Meat in 2019.

Business News Network
Growing meat without animals: The potential of cellular agriculture.

CTV News
Clean meat - How growing meat could change your dinner game.

Would you eat meat grown in a lab?

Suiting Up with Paul Rabil
Paul Shapiro - Author and Expert on Clean Meats.

KALW (NPR affiliate)
Lab-grown meat is coming, but will you try it?

#EatForThePlanet Podcast
Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat and the Quest to End Factory Farming.

Good Food Institute
Interview with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro.

Financial Insights podcast
Clean Meat vs Factory Farms: A Chat with Paul Shapiro.

YogaBody podcast
Lab-Grown Clean Meat & the Future of Food.

Vegan Strategist
Is clean meat the animals’ best hope? An interview with Paul Shapiro.

Livegan Podcast
Paul Shapiro’s Clean Meat.

StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson
Clean Meat with Paul Shapiro.

VICE Canada
Why I Believe Lab-Grown ‘Clean Meat’ Is the Future

What is clean meat and should you be eating it?

Science Magazine podcast
Q&A with Paul Shapiro, author of Clean Meat.

Rich Roll podcast
What is clean meat? Paul Shapiro on the future of food.

The Why’ with Paul Shapiro.

Food for Thought with Colleen Patrick-Goudreau podcast
Interview with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro.

The Reality Check Podcast
Talking Clean Meat with Paul Shapiro.

The Social Exchange podcast
Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro.

Podship Earth
Meat Culture.

My Food Job Rocks podcast
The Clean Meat Revolution with Paul Shapiro.

VegNews Magazine
Is So-Called Clean Meat Vegan? Paul Shapiro Has the Answer.

Vegansaurus Talks with Clean Meat Author Paul Shapiro.

Easy Vegan with JL Fields podcast
Paul Shapiro on Clean Meat.

World’s First-Ever Book Bound in Clean Leather

San Francisco Chronicle
San Leandro lab’s secret foray yields animal-free leather.

Smithsonian Magazine
This Book Is Bound in Lab-Grown Jellyfish Leather.

Innovators Magazine
Bid for the biotech book.

Good Food Institute
World’s First-Ever Clean Leather-Bound Book!

World’s First Animal-Free Leather Bound Book on Ebay for $10,000.

New Food Economy
The world’s first book bound in “clean” leather can be yours for $10,000.

One Green Planet
Check Out the World’s First Book Bound in Leather That Was Created in a Lab – Without Harming a Single Animal!